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The Charlie Papa DX Group

The Citizenband (Truck and Tractor) Pulling DX Group

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The Charlie Papa DX group is a idea by René the 19CP001 (President) and
Arie the 19CP007 (Vice President and World director and Web-master).

Why: The Charlie Papa DX group?

Answer: The Charlie Papa DX Group (Citizenband Pullers) is here to connect Truck and Tractor Pulling fans and other interested people all over the world via Citizenband and hamradio . This DX group is free of subscription. You can find all your information in the web-site QSL Card, Prefix list, Logbook, News of your group and many many more.

Why: Citizen-band Pullers DX Group ?

Answer: I'm all more than 26 Year a active 27 MHz Dx Station and al the subscription DX group's. what do you receive from them some paperwork and you may use a call. With the name of there brain. so here is us idea hihihi. I'm also for more than 27 year's a tractor pulling fan.

Question: How can I made myself a Member of the Charlie Papa DX Group ?

Answer: Send me a E-mail or also you can write a packet radio mail and than you ask for a Charlie Papa DX group Number.
Information wath need = Your Personal name, your post address for QSL, Your Cityname and Zipcode and your Country name. that's all ! ! !

The Address for your your mail's are:

E-Mail Arie (World director and webmaster)

Or via Mail : Mr. Arie / Am. v. Solmsstraat 15 / 4924 BR / Drimmelen / Holland

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